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Chef's Other Recommendations!

Made Fresh Daily

  • Garlic Knots - These are popcorn size & ridiculously good!
    Served with red sauce on the side.
    Small (10oz) $4.99 - Large (16oz) $6.49.

  • Calzones - Tired of Pizza?  Try one - we start with
    fresh ricotta & mozzarella cheese & spices.
    Then you can add any combination of fillings you'd like
    Served with red sauce on the side.
    Priced from $7.99 (12") on up!

  • Stromboli - Gotta love these! 14" long and rolled up
    with your favorite toppings inside, including mozzarella!

    Served with red sauce on the side.
    Priced from $7.99 on up!

  • Pasta - Ziti or Spaghetti, freshly prepared with plain or meat sauce.
    Add meatballs or sausage if you'd like.
    We also offer Baked Cheese Stuffed Shells!
    All of our single serving pasta dinners are complete with
    salad and garlic bread!
    We also offer a-la-cart family pasta dinners for four. 
    Priced from $6.99 to $24.99!
    Try to do THAT at a "sit down" restaurant!

  • Hungry?  How about our BIG 22" - "DINO-SAURUS" pizza?
    By far the biggest pizza in town!  This is a true "New York Style" pizza!
    Plain Cheese is only $16.99
    (additional toppings $3.50ea. extra - hey, this is a BIG pie!).
      This will feed one "REAL" man or six women and children!  Smile

  • Burgers? Oh Yea! - Black Angus Burgers!
    You won't find these at the local drive thru!
    Get them any way you like - plain or with all the toppings.
    Priced from $3.99 and up.  Add Fries for Just $1.99!
    Visit our Fliers page to see the full list of offerings.

  • Hot Dogs?  Oh yea!  We have them too.  And not just ANY hot dogs - these are Nathans All Beef Hot Dogs!  And of course we have all the toppings you'd ever want: Chile, Cheese, Sauerkraut, Onions, Mustard, Ketchup, Relish, etc! And they are steamed in beer too!  Ya, BEER! Gives them a unique taste you'll only get here!

  • Ribs? Of Course! - But you know us,
    these are not just any ribs - these are Austin Blues Pork Ribs!
    Served wet or dry (basted w/BBQ sauce or not)
    and half or full rack (racks run 12-15 ribs).
    Priced at $9.99 & $17.99.
    Served on a bed of french fries!

Fresh Desserts
While Supplies last! 

  • YES WE "CAN-NOLI" - The Best in town!
    Italian sweet ricotta cheese filled Cannoli,
    drizzled with chocolate & sprinkled with powdered sugar.
    Sold individually for $2.49 or  3/$6.99.
    Available all day, every day! These are REALLY good!

  • 7" Nutella Pie - Our (and everybody's) favorite!
    Priced at $3.99 each.

    Add Peanut Butter to it (our Peanut-Tella pie) for only $1 more!
    One of these dessert pies is plenty for two people...

  • Cinnamon Knots with icing - Popcorn size & OMG good!
    Small (10oz) $4.99 - Large (16oz) $6.49.

  • Cinnamon Stix with Icing - NOT low fat!
    8 Stix for $2.99 or 16 Stix $5.49.

If you consume undercooked meat, poultry or seafood
you could get sick!  DUH!

(The law makes us tell you this...)